Lava Beach Suite 11

Location: Agia Galini, South Rethymno

Property description
Welcome to Lava Beach Suites, a luxury getaway destination in Agia Galini! Situated just 10 meters from the pristine Agia Galini beach, our newly transformed suites offer an unparalleled experience of comfort and relaxation. Each of our 11 beautifully appointed suites is designed to accommodate 2, 3, or 4 guests, ensuring a perfect fit for any travel group. The Lava Beach Suites promises a serene and stylish retreat for all our guests. Step outside, and you’ll find yourself just a few steps away from the soft sands and tranquil waves, ready to make your beachside dreams come true.

Our beloved beachfront café remains a cherished part of the experience, serving up delicious coffee and snacks to fuel your day by the sea. Guests can unwind with a refreshing drink from our bar, perfectly complemented by the gentle sounds of the ocean. And to make your beach days even more enjoyable, we offer exclusive access to free sunbeds, ensuring your time on the sand is as relaxing as possible. Whether you’re lounging by the shore or enjoying the chic comfort of your suite, Lava Beach Suites is your ultimate destination for a perfect seaside escape. Book your stay today and let the waves of relaxation wash over you!

Neigbourhood description

Agia Galini is a charming coastal village nestled on the southern coast of Crete, renowned for its picturesque beauty and serene atmosphere. The village is characterized by its winding, narrow streets that climb up the hillside, offering stunning views of the Libyan Sea. Traditional whitewashed buildings adorned with vibrant bougainvillaea create a quintessentially Greek aesthetic, making every stroll through the village a delightful experience. The harbor, bustling with fishing boats and yachts, serves as the heart of Agia Galini, where locals and visitors gather to enjoy the fresh seafood at the many waterfront tavernas and cafes. With its blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Agia Galini provides a perfect setting for both relaxation and exploration.

The beach at Agia Galini is a major highlight, boasting golden sands and crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming and sunbathing. For those seeking adventure, the surrounding area offers numerous hiking trails that wind through scenic landscapes, including the nearby Mount Kedros and the Gorge of Agios Antonios. The village is also a gateway to exploring other parts of Crete, with easy access to historical sites, such as the ancient city of Phaistos, and other charming villages like Matala, known for its unique caves and vibrant arts scene. Agia Galini provides a perfect blend of tranquility and excitement.


Prices start at: 85 per night


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