Grande Madonna Luxury Boutique Suites – 101

Location: 38 Tsagri – Tombazi street, Rethymno Old town

Property description

Nestled in the charming heart of the historic Old Town of Rethymno, Grande Madonna Luxury Boutique Suites stands as a beacon of refined elegance amidst the cobblestone streets and timeless allure of this Mediterranean gem. This meticulously restored property offers an exclusive retreat for discerning travelers seeking a harmonious blend of modern luxury and ancient charm. From its unassuming exterior, guests step into a realm of sophistication where every detail has been carefully curated to evoke a sense of opulence and tranquility.Beyond the gate lies a sanctuary of indulgence, featuring eight impeccably designed luxury suites, each a testament to the fusion of contemporary comfort and high aesthetics. Adorned with exquisite furnishings and adorned with tasteful accents, every suite at Crande Madonna invites guests to immerse themselves in a world of unparalleled luxury and relaxation. The ambiance is one of serenity and sophistication, with subtle hues and elegant décor creating an atmosphere of timeless refinement.

Stepping into the private realm of each suite reveals a sanctuary designed to cater to every desire. A plush double bed beckons guests to sink into a world of blissful comfort, while a fully equipped kitchen stands ready to indulge culinary passions. State-of-the-art amenities including a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and high-speed internet ensure both convenience and connectivity, while the high aesthetic design elevates the sensory experience to new heights. As evening falls, guests can unwind in the indulgent depths of the large Jacuzzi, enveloped in the gentle embrace of warm waters—a perfect end to a day spent exploring the rich tapestry of Rethymno’s historic streets. Whether seeking a romantic getaway or a tranquil retreat, Crande Madonna Luxury Boutique Suites offers an unparalleled haven of luxury and serenity in the heart of one of Crete’s most enchanting destinations.

Neighbourhood description

Nestled on the captivating island of Crete in Greece, the enchanting Rethymno Old Town exudes timeless charm and romance. Its winding cobblestone streets transport visitors to the Venetian era, where historic buildings and ancient ruins adorn every corner, illuminated by the soft glow of streetlights. The centerpiece of this picturesque setting is the formidable Fortress of Rethymno, overlooking the Venetian harbor with commanding views of the sea and surrounding mountains. A symbol of the town’s rich heritage, the fortress offers a breathtaking backdrop for sunset strolls and quiet moments of reflection.

Amidst the town’s historic streets, couples can discover a plethora of intimate cafes, inviting restaurants, and atmospheric bars, each offering its own unique ambiance and culinary delights. Whether enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sun dip below the horizon or savoring a romantic dinner for two, Rethymno Old Town promises unforgettable experiences.As night falls, the town comes alive with the sounds of live music and the rhythm of dancing feet, creating a vibrant and romantic atmosphere perfect for an evening out. With its captivating views, rich history, and lively energy, Rethymno Old Town is the ideal destination for a romantic getaway.

License number: 1338419


Prices start at: 65 per night


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