Dianna Residence

Location: Papamichelaki 29, Old Town Rethymno

Property description

Located within the charming streets of the Old Town of Rethymno, this exquisite property offers a captivating blend of historic allure and modern comfort. Boasting three spacious bedrooms and four meticulously designed bathrooms, each corner of this home exudes an inviting sense of relaxation and luxury. Stepping inside, guests are greeted by an ambiance of timeless elegance, where traditional architectural features seamlessly intertwine with contemporary amenities.

The true gem of this residence lies beyond its walls, awaiting on the enchanting terrace. Here, amidst the whispers of history carried by the ancient breeze, lies a haven of tranquility and indulgence. The centerpiece of the terrace, a rejuvenating jacuzzi, invites guests to immerse themselves in serenity while overlooking the picturesque vistas of the town. As the sun kisses the horizon, the terrace transforms into a culinary oasis, with an outdoor dining table perfectly positioned for savoring breakfast amidst the awe-inspiring panorama. Whether relishing in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun or stargazing under the velvet night sky, this terrace promises an unforgettable experience, captivating all who step into its embrace.

Neigbourhood description

Step into the heart of Rethymno’s Old Town and embrace the seamless blend of convenience and history that defines our property’s prime location. Within minutes, find yourself immersed in a bustling tapestry of local life, with supermarkets, restaurants serving up delectable local fare, and charming shops showcasing traditional treasures just moments from your doorstep. Let our team be your trusted guides, eager to share recommendations and insights that will elevate your experience, ensuring every moment spent in this enchanting locale is filled with discovery and delight.

As you wander through the labyrinthine streets, the ancient echoes of Rethymno’s past beckon, with the iconic Fortezza castle a mere five-minute journey away, offering panoramic views of the town’s rich heritage. From its Venetian and Ottoman influences to the enduring tranquility imbued by generations past, each corner of Rethymno exudes a captivating aura of history and culture. And when the allure of exploration subsides, unwind amidst the gentle rhythms of the nearby Rethymno beach, just a leisurely 15-minute stroll away. With a bus station conveniently located within a five-minute radius, the treasures of the region are within easy reach, promising an unforgettable journey through time and tranquility in the heart of Rethymno’s Old Town.


Prices start at: 80 per night


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