Fortezza Garden Home

Location: Rethymno Old town, North Crete

Property description

Feel the authentic cretan hospitality! The front of the house is on the passage to Fortezza’s castle main entrance. It has a beautifull backyard where you can sit, relax and enjoy your coffee or food with quiet.The one hundred-years old building has recently been renovated with respect and love.

Neighbourhood description

The Location Advantage!Easy way to find anything you want ,while it takes only one minute to find a supermarket. There are plenty of restaurants with local cuisine, bars , jewellery stores, shops with traditional products. We will be more than excited to assist and recommend places to go. My place is five minutes far away from Fortezza castle, providing you an amazing view of Rethymno.With a history of more than 4500 years and a cultural identity shaped through the Venetian and Ottoman times, this place has so many stories to tell. The whole atmosphere narrates the rich history of the place in a fascinating way. You’ll feel the aura of people who lived here and of those who are still deep-rooted in their traditional tranquil wisdom. Also you can admire monuments of incredible beauty nearby.

License number: 00000694573

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